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 Track(1) Renewable Energy
-Solar radiation Energy production problems.
- Wind speed Energy production problems.
-Wave height Energy production problems.
-RE Power prediction.
-Fault diagnosis in RE-related systems.
-Energy conversion efficiency in RE systems.
-Energy harvesting solutions (thermal, RF, etc.)
-Power quality distortion, detection and analysis.
-Appliance Load monitoring applications.
-Applications of Machine Learning techniques to RE problems.
-Solar electricity and PV applications.
-Solar cell technology, Solar cell materials, testing and efficiency.
-Nanotechnology applications to RE.
-Solar thermal applications.

Renewable (Green) Energy Systems and Sources (RESSs)
-Power Devices and Driving Circuits for RESs
-Control Techniques for RESs
-Grid Interactive Systems Used in Hybrid RESs
-Decision Support Systems for RESSs
-RESSs for Electrical Vehicles and Components
-Computational Methods for RESSs
 -Energy Savings for Vehicular Technology, Power Electronics, Electric Machinery and Control, etc.
-New Approaches in Lightings (LED technologies and applications)
-Public Awareness and Education for Renewable Energy and Systems
Reliability and Maintenance in RESSs
-Smart grids and RESSs
-Safety and Security of RESSs
Trak(2):smart Sensors
sensors Systems Applicatoins
-New sensor development and applications for agriculture and forestry trials
-Sensor network development, data transmission, self-healing, and redundancy considerations
-Remote sensing using satellite integrated with sensor network technology
-Visualization systems and software platforms developed to integrate sensor networks for decision making processes
-Smart sensors of low cost applications to agriculture and forestry -Smart sensors for civil applications including smart buildings, brides, ..etc.
 -Sensors for smart mobility and building automation
 -Innovative sensor systems in healthcare and elderly monitoring
-Connected vehicles sensors networks and applications
-Smart sensor networks solutions in industrial applications
-Smart sensors for digital security and surveillance
-Development of integrated models with sensor networks and applications to smart irrigation for agriculture and forestry environments
Sensor systems dedicated to smart grid, power networks and smart cities:
-Smart transducers and sensors for grid management and energy distribution
-Advances in smart grid sensing
-Sensors’ interface and synchronization in smart grid
-Multi-sensor data fusion models for smart grids and smart cities
-Traceability and calibration of distributed sensing grids
-Distributed and networked sensors for smart cities
-Security, privacy and management in smart city sensing networks
-Reliability and faults of sensing grids in smart city
 -Transducers and sensors for homecare and assisted living applications
-Sensor networks’ big data analysis solutions including cloud computing usage
Sensor Technologies and Applications (related to critical infrastructure protection and security, health care, the environment, energy, food safety, and the potential impact on the quality of all areas of life.)
-APASN: Architectures, protocols and algorithms of sensor networks
-MECSN: Energy, management and control of sensor networks
-RASQOFT: Resource allocation, services, QoS and fault tolerance in sensor networks
-PESMOSN: Performance, simulation and modelling of sensor networks in different applications
-SEMOSN: Security and monitoring of sensor networks
-SECSED: Sensor circuits and sensor devices
-RIWISN: Radio communication issues in wireless sensor networks
-SAPSN: Software, applications and programming of sensor networks
-DAIPSN: Data allocation and information in sensor networks
-DISN: Deployments and implementations of sensor networks
-AIS: Atmospheric Icing and Sensing -UNWAT: Under water sensors and systems
-ENOPT: Energy optimization in wireless sensor networks
-EHWSN: Energy harvesting in wireless sensor networks
Track 3 :
 Environment and Food chain challenges
-Agriculture monitoring and resources optimization
-recycling of sewage sludge applications
-Agri-Food industry
-Food security Applications
-Green houses control
-Recycling and Pollution reduction
-Nano Technologies Applications in food
-RFID in Agriculture
-smart Environment Application

Track 4:
Solution to an Actual or Real Industrial/investor problem
-Detector Machine for Smuggling Textiles  
-Developing a Network Infrastructure by using Cloud Computing Technology
-Laser Cutting Machine
-Energy-Efficiency Improvement System for the Textile Industry
-Cooling units for Projectors, Screens and Receivers
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